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Ad-Libs:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. Area..  /key member: Ralna English - vocals..  /other members: Jerry Burgess - piano, Kilmer Keys - sax, Hank Hunt - bass, Mickey Bennett - electric bass, Bobby Higgs - drums, Bobby Burgess - lead guitar, Ray Kirella..  /optional name: Ad Lib Combo..  /active: c.1955-60.

Al Rogers Trio:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Al Rogers - musician/vocals..  /other occasional members: Joe Pennington - guitar, Billy Bowman - steel guitar..  /active c1952-59..  /accomplishments: Al Rogers had a weekly TV show on Amarillo, Tx. c.1959..  /played where: Continental Club of Holiday Inn West, Amarillo, Tx.

Allsup, Tommy:  /refer to ‘Southernairs’ in this index.

Al_Rogers Trio

Amarillo, Nighthawks:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Jack Short - piano..  /other members: Henry Lester - fiddle, Jess Robertson -banjo, Shorty Lester - banjo/fiddle..  /active: c.1930..  /played where: Rainbow Gardens Dance Hall, Amarillo, Tx.

Amplified Version:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key members: Deryl Carter - keyboard/vocals, Rob Storm - vocals..  / recorded where: Nashville, Tn...  /possible recording date: c.1975..  /album release date: c.1975..  /label: NewPax..  / album title: Amplified Version: Whatcha Gonna Do.

Applejack, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Ken Benjamin - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Douglas Hanners - guitar, Richard Clark - guitar or drums possibly..  /active: c.1964.

Arthur, Charline:  /from: Kermit, Tx...  /born: Henrietta, Tx. 1929..  /resident of: West Texas..  /skill: singer, songwriter, and recording artist..  /most important active period: c.1950s..  / accomplishments: appearances on Grand Ol’ Opry, Big D Jamboree, and Louisiana Hayride..  /songs of note: Kiss The Baby Goodnight / Looking At The Moon, & Wishing On A Star / Heartbreak Ahead..  /labels: RCA & Bullet..  /awards: signed with RCA in 1953

Charline Aurthor

Atwood, George:  /refer to ‘Clyde Hankins Quartet’, ‘Hester, Carolyn’, and ‘Huddle, Jack’ in this index.

Ball, Ace:  /from: New Home, Tx...  /born: Ace Balch - 1925-35..  /resident of: West Texas..  /skill: singer, musician, publisher, and recording artist..  /most important active period: 1950-70..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  possible recording date: c.1958..  /labels: Caprock Records and Ace-Hi..  /songs of note: I’ve Lost Again / High School Wedding Band / American Agriculture movement / The Last Rodeo..  /note: played in Lubbock Tx. on an early Elvis Presley show - 1955 and KSEL Western Jamboree c.1953.

Ace Ball photo

Bangs, Betty Jo: /from: Amarillo, Tx. area..  /key member: Betty Jo Bangs - vocals..  /recorded where: Amarillo, Tx. possibly..  /possible recording date: c.1970..  /label: Tal-Star..  /song title: Daddy Was A Preacher, Mama Was A Go Go Girl.

Barnhill, Buzz And The Four Counts:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /key member: Frank Doyle “Buzzy” Barnhill, Jr. -guitar/vocals..  /other members: H. A. “Sonny” Mullin - guitar, Billy Joe Mullin - bass, Gary Johnson - drums..  /optional name: ‘The Coachmen’ and ‘The Soundrifters’..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx. and Bray’s Cellar Studio, Plainview, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965-67..  /single release date: c.1966..  /label: Twixt-Tween..  /song titles: I Love / Something Different / Summers Gone Away / For Me to Know..  /refer to ‘Frank Barnhill, Jr. and The Coachmen’ and ‘The soundrifters’ in this index.

B.Barnhill-I Love

Barnhill, Joe Bob:  /from: Turkey, Tx...  /key member: Joe Bob Barnhill - guitar/vocals..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1963..  /single release date: c.1963..  /label: Libby..  /song title: Great Day In The Morning..  /refer to ‘Fayros’ in this index.


Barons, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Gary Rutz - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Ted Barnhill - bass, Nelson Wertman - guitar, John Bowie - drums, Bobby Hacker - drums..  /active: c.1964-68..  /refer to ‘Fayros’, ‘Jon Sisco & The Electras’, and ‘Reams, Carroll’ in this index.

The Barons

Barton, Max:  /from: Matador, Tx...  /key member: Max Barton - vocals..  /other members: Maines Brothers studio band..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1979-81..  /note: songs unreleased..  /song titles: Tellin’ My Friends / He Gave So We Could Give..  /refer to ‘Max & Robin’ in this index.

Bates, Charlie:  /refer to ‘Cinders’ in this index.

Beasley, Billy:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /recorded where: Dallas, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1970..  /single release date: c.1980..  label: L’il Junior..  /song titles: Small Town Things / Slippin’ Out, Slippin’ In.

Ben Hall & The Circle 4 Ramblers:  /from: Big Spring, Tx...  /key member: Ben Hall - guitar/vocals and writer..  /other members: Weldon Myrick - steel guitar, Dena Hall - bass..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  /single release date: c.1960..  /label: Gaylo..  /song title: Blue Days-Black Nights..  /note: version number two of the same song was reissued in c.1991 on a CD titled ‘Hep Cats From Big Spring. (Roller Coaster, England)..  /note: Hall owned High Fidelity House Studio in Big Spring, Tx. for about a decade. He also founded the Gaylo label and produced  


numerous Texas artist including ‘The New Beats’, ‘Sammy Lara’, ‘David Box’, ‘Hoyle Nix’, The Regals’, and ‘The Continentals to name a few. In some respects Hall was Norman Petty’s only rival in West Texas music production and promotion during 1958-63 era.

Bernie Howe Jazz Trio:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Bernie Howe - organ..  /other members: Clyde Hankins - guitar, Dick Shaw - drums..  /active: c.1955-60..  /note: active with television or radio show in Lubbock, Tx. refer to ‘Clyde Hankins Quartet’ in this index.

Billy Briggs:  /refer to ‘Briggs, Billy & XIT Boys’ and ‘Sons Of The West’ in this index.

Billy Dee & The Debonairs:  /from: Amarillo, Tx. area..  /key member: Billy Dee - guitar/vocals..  /active: c. 1965..  / played where: Supper Club on Canyon E-way, Amarillo, Tx.

Billy Thompson And The Melody Cowboys:  /from: Midland/Odessa, Tx...  /key member: Billy Thompson - guitar/ vocals..  /other members: Red Hayes, Troy Jordan, Donnie McDaniels, Bobby McBay, Harvey Grosman, and Lloyd Jordan..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  /single release date: c.1960..  /label: Bo-Kay..  /song titles: Love Gone Blind / Waltzing With Sin..  /note: The Melody Cowboys and Thompson appeared at the Melody Club in Odessa, Tx. They also played a regular televised show from the club during this era.

Billy Thompson And The Melody Ramblers:  /from: Odessa, Tx. area..  /key member: Billy Thompson - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Albert Talley - steel guitar, Curtis Potter - bass, Bill Gold - drums, Dale Wilson - fiddle, and Merle David - fiddle..  /note: This version of Thompson’s band played at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nv. during the late fifties. Thompson also had a stint with Hank Thompson’s band, possibly sometime after..  /refer to ‘Red Hayes And Trail 80 Cowboys’ in this index.

Black Water Draw:  /from Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Billy Stull -lead guitar/vocals..  /active: c.1970..  /refer to ‘Cords’ in this index.

Blackie Crawford & The Cherokee Cowboys:  /from: San Angelo, Tx. area..  /key member: Blackie Crawford - musician/singer/songwriter..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960.

Blakley, Cliff:  /from Roswell, N. M. and Lubbock, Tx...  /skills: guitarist and vocalist..  /active: c.1950-70s..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /label: Starday..  /song titles: Get Off My Toe / I’m Not Going Steady Anymore..  /note: Blakley was also a member of his brother’s Western Swing band, but the songs listed above are now considered rockabilly classics.

Blakley, Jimmy & His Western Swing Band:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Jimmy Blakley - steel guitar..  /other possible members: Dorothy Blakley - piano, Cliff Blakley - lead guitar..  /optional name: Palm Room house band..  /recorded where: Palm Room Studio, Idalou highway, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1965..  /label: PR-International..  /song titles: Her House / A Tribute To Tex Ritter..  /second label: United Artist..  /song title: Honky Tonk Princess.

jimmy blakely

Blane, Patsy:  /from: Odessa, Tx...  /optional name: Patsy Ruth Elshire..  /key member: Patsy Blane - vocals..  /recorded where: Bo-Kay Recording company, Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960..  / single release date: c.1960..  /label: Bo-Kay..  /song titles: Felling / Things Look Different Now..  /note: Patsy also had a prior release on Capitol and Starday labels under ‘Patsy Elshire.    

patsy elshire

Bob & His Agents:  /from: Alpine Tx...  /note: A group composed of students from Sul Ross college..  / recorded where: Highland Sound Studio, Alpine, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1960-65..  /single release date: same..  /label: AOK


Bob Skyles & The Skyrockets:  /from: Cisco, Tx and Pecos, Tx...  /key member: Bob (Skyles) Kendrick - horn player/ vocals..  /other members: Clifford Kendrick - drums, Dave Huges - piano, Bob “Curley” Nichols - guitar, Max Bennett - piano, Frank Wilhelm - accordion, Sanford Kendrick, Brooke Kendrick, and moon Mullican - piano..  /optional name: Skyrockets..  /active: c.1935-40s..  /recorded where: Los Angeles, Ca...  /possible recording date: c.1941..  /78 rpm release dates: c.1938-42 possibly..  /labels: Bluebird c.1938, Decca c.1941..  /note: twenty seven songs reissued on CD c.2002.

Bob Swift’s Joy Boys:  /from: Abilene, Tx...  /key member: Bob Swift - fiddle..  /other members: J. R. Chatwell - fiddle..  / active: c.1935..  /refer to ‘Briggs, Billy & XIT Boys’ in this index.

Bobby Hughes & The Western Heartbeats:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Bobby Hughes - guitar/vocals..  /active: c.1970..  /played where: Aviatrix Club and Avalon Ballroom in Amarillo, Tx.

Copy of Bobby Hughes & The Western Heart Beats

Boot Hill:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Jay Boy Adams - guitar, Tom Jones - bass, Curtis McBride - drums, James Gernadt - keyboard, Joe Don Davidson - musician..  /active: c.1970..  /note: This rock band was perhaps composed of college students..  /refer to ‘Jay Boy Adams Band’ and ‘Just-Us-Four’ in this index.

Bowman Brothers, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key members: Dee Bowman, Jay Bowman, Monte Bowman, and Lowell Bowman - all vocalist group..  /substitute members: Ray Corbin and Ski Corbin..  /optional name: The Bowmen..  / recorded where: Clovis N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1956..  /album release date: c.1956..  /label: Nor-Va-Jak..  / album title: The Bowman Brothers.

Bowmen, The:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /members: Monte Bowman, Dee Bowman, and Lowell Bowman - all vocalist group..  /recorded where: Clovis N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1963..  /single release date: c.1963..  /label: Dot..  /song titles: The First Kiss / The Quiet Hours.

Box, David:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: David Box - guitar/vocals..  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1961..  /single release date: c.1962..  /label: Joed..  /song titles: I Do The Best I Can / Waitin’ (Don’t wait too long)..  /note: four of Box’s songs were reissued on the c.1991 CD titled ‘Hep Cats From Big Spring’ (Rollercoaster label)..  /refer to ‘Ravens’ in this index.

David Box Story

Bray, Harry:  /from: Turkey, Tx. and Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Harry Bray - tenor guitar..  /other members: Dick Polk - Guitar, Garrett Morrison - guitar..  /optional name: Harry Bray And The Wheels..  /recorded where: Bray’s Garage Studio, Quitaque, Tx... /possible recording date: c.1961..  /single release date: c.1961..  /label: AllStar..  /song titles: So Lonely / Guitars..  /refer to ‘Carolyn Collins & The Wheels’ and ‘Jackie Johnson & The Wheels’ in this index.

Bray, Lonnie:  /from: Odessa, Tx. area..  /key member: Lonnie Bray..  /possible recording date: early 1960s..  /single release date: early 1960s..  /label: dessa..  /song titles: You Gave me away / Happy Go Lucky Sort Of Guy.

Briggs, Billy & XIT Boys:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Billy Briggs - steel guitar/vocals..  / other members: Jess Williams - guitar, Weldon Allard - bass, and J. R. Chatwell - fiddle..  /optional names: ‘Sons Of The West’ and ‘Chew Tobacco Rag Boys’..  /possible recording dates: c.1945-55..  / 78 release dates: c.1945-55..  /label: Time Records..  /song titles: Go To Sleep Our Baby / Coo-See-Coo / The XIT Song / Way Down In Old New Orleans / Pretty Baby Boogie..  /refer to ‘Bob Swift’s Joy Boys’ and ‘Sons Of The West’ in this index.


Brown, Robin:  /from: Quitaque, Tx...  /key member: Robin Brown..  /optional name: Robert “Robin” Brown..  /recorded where: Plainview, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1977..  /single release date: c.1977..  /label: Ironstone,,  /song title: Barefoot And Pregnant..  /refer to ‘Max & Robin’ in this index.

Robin Brown

Bucy, Randy:  /from: Midland/Odessa, Tx. area..  /recorded where: Odessa, Tx.,,  /possible recording date: c.1965..  / single release date: c.1965..  /label: AOK..  /song titles: This Lonely Road / Vicky.

Bugmen, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Keith McCormack - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Juanita Jordan, Kenny Jordan, Terry McCormack..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1963-64..  single release date: c.1694..  label: Dot Records..  /song title: Beatles You Bug Me..  /refer to ‘McCormack, Keith’ and ‘New String-A-Longs, in this index.

Buz Busby And His Band:  /from: Cameron, Tx...  /members: Buz Busby and Wink Lewis..  /possible recording date: c.1956..  /single release date: c.1956..  /label: Tone Records..  /song titles: More Times Than One / zzztt, zzztt, zzztt..  / note: These two songs were credited to Wink Lewis And Buz Busby’s band.

Cal Farley Boys Ranch Choir:  /from: Boys Ranch, Tx...  /recorded where: At the ranch..  /possible recording date: c.1968..  /album release date: c.1968..  /label; produced by KPUR radio, Amarillo, Tx...  /album title: A Christmas Musical: King Of Love.

Cal Wayne And The Riverside Ranch Hands:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Cal Wayne - musician/singer..  / other members: Larry Welborn - guitar..  /played where: Tommy’s Danceland c.1954.

Campbell, Gary:  /from: Matador, Tx...  /key member: Gary Campbell -guitar/vocals..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1978..  /album release date: c.1978..  /label C. P. Records..  /single song titles: Silver Horses / You Wanted A Friend..  /refer to ‘Sourdough Singers’ in this index.

Gary Campbell

Campbell, Richard:  /from: Matador, Tx...  /key member: Richard Campbell -vocalist..  /recorded where: Superior Sound Studio, Lubbock, Tx.?..  /possible recording date: c.1969-79..  /album release date: c.1969-79..  /label: Vision..  /album title: The Sweet Sound Of Jesus: Richard Campbell..  /note: Campbell recorded at least three gospel  albums..  /refer to ‘Sourdough singers’ in this index.

Copy of The Sourdough Singers-Matador, Tx.

Caprock Country:  /from: Silverton, Tx...  /key member: Ronnie Hester - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Ricky Hester - guitar, Ted Hester - fiddle, Connie Purcell Smith - bass/vocals, and Lynn Smith - drums..  /active: c.1970-80s..  /refer to ‘Hester, Ron’ in this index.

Caprock Country (Ronnie, Ted, & Ricky Hester)

Carolyn Collins & The Wheels:  /from: Plainview, Tx. area..  /key member: Carolyn Collins - vocals..  /other members: Harry Bray - tenor guitar/organ, Ron Bray - bass..  /recorded where: Bray’s Cellar Studio, Plainview, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1969-71..  /single release date: c.1969-71..  /label: Twixt-Tween and Satin..  /song titles: That’s When I Know You’re Gone / I Know What You’d Do

Chanters, The:  /from: Pampa and Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Bill Mangum - bass/vocals..  /other members: Tommy Pogue - lead guitar, Butch Kelly - organ, Danny Darling - drums..  /later members: Larry Marcum - guitar, Gallen Engelbrick..  /played where: Hong Kong Lounge, Amarillo, Tx - 1968.

Danny Darling

note: this group with Bill Magum fronting initially played frat parties around WTSU in Canyon and Amarillo, Tx. They won a “Band Battle” at the SUB in Canyon in c.1966in one of their first outings on campus.

The Chanters

Charlie & The Boys:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Charlie Banscum - lead guitar..  /other members: Allen Dale Gardner - sax, Cotton Moon - guitar, Travis Bradshaw - bass, Charley Jacobs - drums..  /active: c.1976..  /note: House Band at American Legion Club, Plainview, Tx.

Charlie Phillips & The Sugartimers:  /from: Farwell, Tx. and Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Charlie Phillips - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Vic Ashmead - steel guitar, Tiny Duncan - piano, Chet Calcoat - bass, Jim Benjamin - drums, Cotton Holly - steel guitar, Jimmy Young - fiddle..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M., New York City, N. Y., Nashville, Tn., and Hollywood, Ca...  /possible recording dates: c.1955-83..  /labels: Coral, Columbia, Long Horn, Reprise

Charlie 'Sugartime' Phillipspreforming Live 1990s

Oak..  /song titles: Sugartime / The Big Ball Is In Cowtown / one Faded Rose / Be My Bride to name a few..  /note: The band members listed were with Phillips at a much later date than his original recordings in Clovis, N. M. 

Checkmates, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Ray Ruffin - singer..  /other members: Chuck Tharpe - guitar, Chuck McClure - lead guitar, Bobby Hacker - drums, Tom Beck - bass..  / later members: Jerry Hodges, Larry Marcum, Chico Apodacca, Gary Swafford..  /optional name: Ray Ruff & The Checkmates..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1960-63..  /single release date: c.1962-65..  /label: Lin Records..  /song titles: The Girl Friend’s Car / In Dreamland.


Chips, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /members: Don Carpenter - bass, Tommy Euton -lead guitar, Bobby Hacker - drums, and Eugene Brown - guitar/vocals..  /active: c.1960

From Bobby Hacker

Cinders, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: J. D. Souther - drums/vocals..  /other members: Steve Dodge - guitar, Charlie Bates - guitar..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  /single release date: c.1965..  /labels: RIC and CBS-Britain..  /song titles: Good Lovin’s So Hard To Find / Poison Ivy..  /note: several of the Cinders songs were reissued on a CD titled ‘Now Hear This’ c.2007..  /J. D. Souther went on to write and record award winning songs. He won agold record with the trio ‘Souther, Hillman, and Furry’ in the seventies.

The Cinders

Circle 4 Ramblers:  /refer to ‘Ben Hall & The Circle 4 Ramblers’ in this index.

Circle 13 Dude Ranchers:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Charlene Condray - vocals..  /other members: Clyde Hankins - guitar, Homer Logan - fiddle, Clyde Perkins - steel guitar, Jody Pilliod - bass, Jack Huddle - guitar..  /active: c.1950..  /recorded where: KDUB TV Show, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1950..  /refer to ‘Condray, Charlene’ in this index.

Circus, the__/ active: 1967 / from: Odessa,TX.../ key members: Larry Poynor-guitar,drums & vocals/ Lynne Poynor-vocals / other members: Gary Poynor--bass guitar, Hubert Giddens--organ, Paul Westbrook & Tommy McCamey on drums / label: Offe / songs: Bad Seed, Burn witch Burn / Refer also to 'Feathers' in this index.

Clyde Hankins Quartet:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Clyde Hankins - guitar/vocals..  /other members: George Atwood - upright bass, Paul Lovett - drums, Jack Delahunty - clarinet..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1956..  /album release date: c.1956..  /label: Nor-Va-Jak..  /album title: Swing Fever.

Combo Kings, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Eddie Reeves - guitar/vocals..  / other members: Bob Veneable - guitar, Jimmy Sandlin - drums/vocals..  /optional name: Nighthawks..  /recorded where: KFDA Radio, Amarillo, Tx...  /possible recording dates: c.1956-57..  /single release: c.1956-57..  /label: Alfair..  /song titles: Gone Gone Gone / Jim Dandy / Pretty Girl / When Your Baby’s gone..  /refer to ‘Hysterical Society Boys’ and ‘Nighthawks’ in this index.

The Combo Kings-1956, Bob Venable & Eddie Reeves

Company's Comin__ / from: Amarillo, Tx.../ active: 1972-75 / Original members: Kent Cooper - bass, David DeGrassi - guitar, Jeff Dauner - guitar, Bill "Big Willie" Melin - drums, Daniel McFall - trumpet/vocals, Karl Thurmond - lead vocals, David Fike - trumpet and John McMullen - tenor sax / later members: Bobby Hertner - vocals/guitar/keyboards, Ted Carroll - bass, Jerry Thompson - guitar, Butch Kelly - Hammond organ, Mike Merriman - drums, Larry Haughtelling - trombone / This rock-jam group played around the tri-state area and were said to be favorites on the college circuit and in Amarillo. Their booking agent was Bobby Harper of Fiesta Productions.

Condray, Charlene:  /from Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Charlene Condray - vocals..  /optional names: Charlene Hancock & Mrs. Tommy Hancock..  /possible recording date: c.1957..  /single release date: c.1957..  /label: Petsey..  / song titles: So Satisfied / My Summer Heart..  /note: Charlene also recorded on the ‘Sandyland’ label in c.1970..  /refer to ‘Circle 13 Dude Ranchers’ in this index.

Conklin, Wanda:  /from: Plainview, Tx. area..  /key member: Wanda Conklin..  /possible recording date: c.1969..  /album release date: c.1969..  /label: Norm Records..  /album title: Hush

Continentals, The:  /from: Abilene, Tx...  /recorded where: Big Spring, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1965..  single release date: c.1965..  /label: Gaylo..  /song title: I’m Gone.


Corbin, Sky:  /from: Lubbock, Tx...  /key member: Sky Corbin - vocals..  /possible recording date: c.1964..  /single release date: c.1964..  /label: Banner..  /song titles: We Love Another / Involved.


Cords, The:  /from: Amarillo, Tx...  /key member: Billy Stull - lead guitar..  /other members: Glen Wilbanks - guitar/vocals, Danny Meadows - bass, David Handley - drums..  /optional name: Billy Stull & The Cords..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M...  /possible recording date: c.1965-69..  /single release dates: c.1965-69..  /label: Atco..  /song titles: Sin Crazed Woman / Too Late To Kiss You Now..  /note: Some of the Cords original recordings were reissued on a CD named Now Hear This c.2007..  /refer to ‘Black Water Draw’ in this index.

The Cords - c.1966

Cornerstone:  /from: Lubbock, Tx. area..  /key member: Michael Anderson - arranger..  /recorded where: Caldwell Studio, Lubbock, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1981..  /album release date: c.1981..  /label: Glory Productions..  / album title: Cornerstone.

Country Gospel Singers, The:  /from: Slaton, Tx...  /key member: Johnny Flanagan..  /other members: Nelda Brooks Flanagan, Morris Flanagan..  /recorded where: Delta Studio, Ft. Worth, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1980..  /album release date: c.1980..  /label: Goodnews..  /album title: Give Me A Song: The Country Gospel singers.

Country Nites, The:  /from: Plainview, Tx...  /key member: Joe Burchfiekd - guitar/vocals..  /other members: Danny Braddock - lead guitar, Curtis Graham - drums, Waymon Box - drums, Baxter Vaughn - steel guitar..  /recorded where: Wallace Shackelford’s private studio, Plainview, Tx...  /possible recording date: c.1992..  /note: The track were unreleased as 2002.

Country Sounds, The:  /from: Quitaque, Tx, and Silverton, Tx...  /key members: Cliff Stodghill - guitar/vocals and Jimmy Burson - fiddle/vocals..  /other members: Joy Stodghill - bass/vocals, Bennie D. Brown - lead guitar, John Francis - guitar, Maybelle Francis - vocals, and Jack Sutton - piano..  /active: c.1965-98..  /note: This band continued the Western Swing tradition in the Turkey/Quitaque/Silverton area of Texas.

Crawford, Fred:  /from: Monahans, Tx. area..  /key member: Fred Crawford - vocals..  /recorded where: Clovis, N. M. and Odessa, Tx...  /possible recording dates; c.1957-67..  /single release date: c.1957..  /labels: Starday and AOK..  /song title: By The Mission Wall (Starday)


Crider, Tommy:  /from: Midland, Tx...  /key member: Tommy Crider - vocals..  /possible recording date: c.1963..  /single release date: c.1963..  /label: Token..  /song titles: Sandy / Depending On You..  /note: Sandy was reissued on a CD titled ‘Forgotten Teen Idols’, Volume III.

Cruisers, The:  /from: Abilene, Tx...  members: Dean Beard - piano, James Steward - guitar, Hop Ealim - bass, and Dash Croft - drums..  /label: Winston..  /song title: Crusin’

Crystals, The:  /from: Brownfield, Tx...  /key members: Doug Coppock - guitar/vocals and Jim Green - guitar/vocals..  / other members: Don Skiles - drums, M. Tyler - bass, Gordon Franklin - sax..  /optional name: The Emeralds..  /possible recording date: c.1960-61..  /single release date: c.1960-61..  /label: Indigo..  /song titles: Mr. Brush Dreams & Wishes.

Curtis Brothers, The:  /from: Meadow, Tx...  /key members: Dean Curtis - guitars/vocals, and Pete Curtis - fiddle/vocals..  /later members: Sonny Curtis - guitar..  /played where: KSEL Western Jamboree, Lubbock, Tx.

The Curtis Brothers (Sonny, Dean, & Pete)
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